My main goal when I started coaching with Lindy was to gain a better understanding on how to find the right direction for life and career goals.

Once I came across Lindy's website, I immediately felt a sense of trust and professionalism. I also felt very curious about the whole coaching process, especially right before the first session, as to how it would flow. Between the first and second sessions I was extremely excited to discuss my ideas with Lindy and to have help figuring out what the next steps would be. Right now, I'd recommend coaching to everyone. It is incredible how having someone asking you the right questions can help you understand how to find your direction.

There is nothing I would change - it was a brilliant experience and I feel very open to doing more sessions in the near future.

Lindy's approach is far from intimidating and it has proven to be extremely helpful to me. She is friendly and warm. You can tell she really cares about your success, she will look at your plan of action and point out any shortcomings it may have, so that you can work on these prior to letting them become hurdles along the way. Being coached by Lindy feels like talking to an old friend. 

João - Fitness Professional - Melbourne, Australia

Lindy has had a huge impact on my goals as well as on some of my deeply held beliefs, such as money and self worth. Thank you Lindy, it has been an eye opening experience!

-Nik - Interior Designer - London, UK

I wasn’t sure whether it was something that would help me, as pretty much everything else I had tried had failed. But I was prepared to try anything. I can quite easily see now that it was one of the best things I have done for myself in a very long time. What I say to people considering coaching with Lindy: Just do it, you won’t regret it for a moment.

- Sam - Mum - Gloucester, UK

Working with Lindy has been such an amazing experience for me. She is so compassionate and insightful. She listens to me with her heart and gently guides me to finding answers that keep me thinking all day long! I have had some amazing life changing breakthroughs while working with her. She has helped so much in several areas of my life including time management, creating ritual in my daily life and helping me take steps to perform actions in my life that I have put off for years. She has helped me put my thoughts and dreams into action and take control of my life. She is such a bright light and she holds such a safe, loving and supportive space. I would highly recommend working with Lindy!

- Virginia - Owner of Heart Fire Health - Florida

Working with Lindy has been a magical supportive experience. Her kind, soft and loving way mixed with her confident way of coaching has given me the chance to face my fears and blocks head on in a safe and guided manner that I did not believe possible. Lindy helps you find your own answers and your own truths by weaving you through a session of exploration that not only gets you moving from where you were to where you want to be but also by empowering you to know all you need is truly within you. She is a nonjudgmental, brilliant and assertive coach who truly meets you where you are and listens with her heart and mind to enable growth and movement unlike anyone else I'v encountered. Thank you for holding me and showing me what a valuable coach can do for someone's life!

-Shari - Life Coach - New York

Lindy helped me unstuck from so many tricky situations and self defeating attitudes, with her thoughtful questions and genuine care. I gained much clarity of the bigger picture, as well as concrete step by step planning, through her patience and interest. And I so appreciated her personal familiarity with a lot of my unconventional choices! She looks calm and reserved, but she does take serious stands in her life, far from following the crowd.

-Laure - Entrepreneur - France

I have gone through the coaching process with Lindy and it has been a very pleasant experience. She has listened to me intently and I felt very comfortable and safe with her. She asked me wonderful and powerful questions and has taken me to challenging and exciting actions. She has always helped me to think deeply and to focus on my goals. Every time I had a session with Lindy I have ended up more happy and shiny;-) I have learned a lot during our sessions and take a lot with me forever...

- Claudia - Parent Coach - Spain

I had an excellent experience of coaching. I found Lindy to be very resourceful whilst helping me to come up with my own solutions. I brought a number of different issues to the sessions and she was unfazed by this; very calm and clear-thinking, which assisted me greatly. Quite often I had so many pressing tasks that I did not know what to discuss, but Lindy helped me to focus in on what I needed to address first. She is also very positive so I came away from each session feeling that I could tackle my problems, and knew where to start...given that my main difficulty is having too much to do and then achieving nothing, I would say that this was miraculous! I will continue to use some of the skills that I have learned through coaching and would wholeheartedly recommend Lindy to future clients. Thank you!

- Cate - Entrepreneur - UK

I offer free consultations to see if what I do is something that would work for you. Finding the right fit is important. There is no obligation to continue, my only aim with the consult is to help you figure out if this is the right option for you. You can book here.